Saturday, August 25, 2007

LibraryThing is way cool

Here is my LibraryThing account! Yes, I am a booklover at heart and so naturally I loved this site! I guess you could also call me a cataloguer though I couldn't explain a MARC record to save my life! But several years ago some of my friends dubbed me "The Anarchyvist" due to my love of punk rock, anarchy, books, keeping lists & files, organizing things, and collecting (see? I'm doing it right now - making lists! sorry!). (you should see the cute little cataloguing tools I created and used when I was 8 years old. I still have a lot of that stuff in the closet).

Anyway, LibraryThing is another useful site for not only keeping track of your books but networking with other people and learning about similar interests. It is amazing how that software works. I have entered about 70 of my books so far and I see there are a number of people like me out there. (I am reminded of another booklovers' site I have used, and which I also recommend: ). (I have released several books "into the wild" and I look forward to doing more.)

There are drawbacks to being a booklover, though, as my recent conversation with my supervisor shows:
SUPERVISOR: Now, Mr. R., I shall come to the point of this interview. I shall arrive via the following route, which is namely what constitutes an efficient member of this public library. A library page who knows his job and performs it - i.e., a man who functions within an organization. You, Mr. R., do not function within the organization! You are neither an efficient library page nor a proficient employee! You, Mr. R., are a reader!
ME: A reader?
SUPERVISOR: A reader!! A reader of books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers! I see you constantly going downstairs into the Annex basement during your lunch hour. An ultimatum, Mr. R.! You will henceforth devote your time to your job and forget reading or you'll find yourself outdoors on a park bench reading from morning til night for want of having a job. Do I make myself perfectly clear?
ME: Oh, that's perfectly clear, ma'am, it's just that …
SUPERVISOR: Just that what, R.? Make it quick and get back to your book cart!

and so forth...


Bobbi said...

i figured you would like LibraryThing. I love them! The one thing I wish they would add is a way to keep track of books you've read and want to read, in addition to books you own. Then they would be super amazing! :)

Robin said...

Hmmm, you finish this program, and I'll have a word with your supervisor - I'll take her into a dark alley and make sure she understands that anyone who actually finishes LL2.0 deserves to read as a reward!! I have a feeling this "word" will involve margaritas, but I'm willing to do it, if necessary!!