Thursday, September 27, 2007

Posting a picture

Here I am with Nichelle Nichols, the most beautiful lady in the world! Her latest film is "Lady Magdalene's" and she will be appearing on "Heroes" soon.


Well, I've now finally gotten familiarized with Flickr, and I like it! My account is at:

The first thing I did was post my pictures from Dragon*con 2007, which I had on a CD. I wasn't sure if I could upload pictures that I had scanned myself, or if I was limited to just digital camera pix. But I was pleased to find that I could upload pix I scanned also. So I uploaded one of me with Dr. Demento from a few years ago. I looked all around the MRRL Flickr page, which was pretty neato, and then read the various articles and tutorials. I had fun with the tags and groups and overall I like how smooth and easy Flickr seems to be. I plan to use it quite a bit to share pictures with friends in the future. I still don't have a digital camera but I think I am finally ready to get one. Flickr is an excellent tool for libraries and many other organizations (as well as individuals, of course) to use for sharing pictures with the public. I will now see if I can upload one of my pictures into this blog.
Well, Blogger seems to be locked up tonight, so I will try again tomorrow....